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 Various of Useful Commands In FUNMS

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Various of Useful Commands In FUNMS Empty
PostSubject: Various of Useful Commands In FUNMS   Various of Useful Commands In FUNMS EmptyThu Aug 30, 2012 4:47 am

@npc - You can go anywhere using this command
- Job advance Purpose
- Style Maker
- Vote Point Exchanger
- AIO shop (All In One Shop) --> Selling various type of 1337meso Equipment ranging from <lvl0-lvl120>, Cash Items, Rocks, Scrolls(10%.15%,30%,60%,65%,70%), Boss Pieces and Etc.* Do buy pets in cash shop as pets in AIO are currently bugged.

@Str,Dex,Int,Luk <amount to add> - To add in your ap during leveling

@Skills - To max your skills

@reborn or @help to check reborm command.

@dropnx: drop cash equips.

@job - chose job

@Mob - Check on mob's info

@Check - Display vote points, boss pq points (only available through voting), Nexon Cash, and Donation points.

@Fm/ <Trade>button - Warp to fm

@Tsmega - Toogle ON/OFF Megaphones

@Ea - use this command when u cant click on Npc or attack

@Checkdrop - check on nearest mob's drop

@Ranking - To check someone's rank

Make use of commands for a smoother game-play !

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Various of Useful Commands In FUNMS
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