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 Haze's GM Application

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PostSubject: Haze's GM Application   Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:37 pm

Name: Michael/Mike
IGN: Haze
Age: 16
Timezone: 5:33:24 PM EDT
How long you have been on the server: About 2-3 weeks?
How much time would you be able to dedicate to the server: 5-6 hours each day, not so much afks unless im showering or eating.
How would you contribute to the server: Well i'd help any person as long as they needed it, will try to bring more friends into this ps and make it more active.
Previous experience: Was a gm in TranquilityStory
Anything about yourself you think we should take in consideration: Not much. Just been mapling for a long time now.

MSN/Skype: micheal.eatsyou
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Haze's GM Application
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