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 KingAfro GM Applications! :D

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KingAfro GM Applications! :D Empty
PostSubject: KingAfro GM Applications! :D   KingAfro GM Applications! :D EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 12:55 pm

Name: Sky Salvatore

IGN: My IGN is KingAfro

Age: I 14years old this year

Timezone: My timezone is GMT+8:00

How long you have been on the server: I have been in the server for over 1 week.

How much time would you be able to dedicate to the server: I will be able to dedicate my time to the server! Weekdays from 2-5hour, Weekends 3-6hour! Sometimes may be more Very Happy

How would you contribute to the server: I will make the server a very active and fun server by making lot's of event! Help out those people who need help, I will catch those people who are hacking and catch players who are advertising! I will online often and make this a enjoyable server to help to improve the server and make more people join FunMs!!

Previous experience: Yes, I have a few experience of being a GM On Maplestory v83! But i wish to learn more in FunMs and i hope you all willing to teach me and i will learn by all my best!

Anything about yourself you think we should take in consideration: I will be faithful and make Owner,GM and all those player to like me! And i will often slacking in the server to joke with those people! I am a person who bring the server happiness! (Even i said so myself) Laughing

MSN/Skype: You can contact me by Msn! [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Smile

Thanks for Reading My Applications! Have a Nice Day! Very Happy
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KingAfro GM Applications! :D
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