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 xShy's GM Application

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PostSubject: xShy's GM Application   xShy's GM Application EmptyThu Nov 08, 2012 7:02 pm

Yu-Han (Just call me Yubby)



Eastern Time (Live in Canada)

How long you have been on the server:

I have been playing this server since October 28, 2012.

How much time would you be able to dedicate to the server:

Okay...I know being a GM needs to be active so on week days, I can go on FunMs when I get back from school so that means 4:30 pm (my timezone). Also, I can stay online 'til I want to sleep. On weekends, I can go on whenever I feel like it unless I am busy.

How would you contribute to the server:

First of all, this server lacks event so I'll definitely host events whenever there are a lot of players.
Second, whenever a player needs help on something, I would definitely help the person without ignoring him/her. (This does not include spoon feeding)
And finally, I will make this server peaceful so everyone can enjoy playing FunMs. Players who doesn't respect the rules will get punishment of course.

Previous experience:

Sadly, I never been a GM but my brother was a GM in v75 so I know some commands even though, I doubt it's the same commands. But hey, I don't think it's hard to learn v111 commands.

Anything about yourself you think we should take in consideration:

Hmm...not sure what to say but thanks for taking your time to read my application.


Skype : dai_konran
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xShy's GM Application
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