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 Frak's GM Application.

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Frak's GM Application. Empty
PostSubject: Frak's GM Application.   Frak's GM Application. EmptyFri Oct 26, 2012 6:09 am

Name: Brandon
IGN: Frak
Age: 16
Timezone: (GMT + 8:00)
How long you have been on the server: 2 weeks or so.
How much time would you be able to dedicate to the server: I'm willing to be online for at least 6hours, or so, at most 12. However, these past few days i've been online for at least 8-11 hours. This server is fun, why not?
How would you contribute to the server: I'm willing to help out the peple in the server, for example, answering any questions they ask. And host events often for the players in this server so as to prevent them from getting bored. i'm friendly and always will be ^^
Previous experience: Hosted a v83 private server before, didn't last long reason being no idea how to make it 24/7 Razz I know alot of things about Maple, as i've been playing the normal mapleSEA for 5years+ already.
Anything about yourself you think we should take in consideration: This server is awesome. Everything. I dont really enjoy playing private servers of Maple, but to think this one got me addicted X: I want to help out the players in this server. i want this server to keep going. it's awesome! Very Happy Hope you'll give it a consideration X:

MSN/Skype: blwfml@hotmail .sg
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Frak's GM Application.
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